Apple was trapped downstream chain rectification panic: stock price fell collective

Steve Jobs biography in hot, but Apple's over-squeezing of suppliers and supervision, a "poison apple" is fermented.

Suzhou Industrial Park in late autumn Changyang Street, sunny, cool air reveals. Broad side of the road is connected to two wins and can benefit enterprises, the former manufacturing apple macbook notebook aluminum chassis, which made ​​Sony, Dell and other pen motor housing, as well as Apple, Blackberry, HTC and other mobile phone metal case .

With Apple's hot-selling notebook and iPhone, where the original had a full swing. But more than a week before the beginning of the huge factory became quiet.

This is due to a chain swept through the apple industry's environmental crisis. Distance can be plant three kilometers wins Phoenix residents reported that industrial pollution can win, create a lot of pungent odor, has led to headaches, tears and other symptoms.Field tests showed that the relevant departments, non-methane hydrocarbons and odor index is higher than the national standard.

October 15, can win Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has been ordered to suspend production for rectification Industrial Park, Environmental Protection Agency, 1600 sets of CNC machine equipment is affixed seal. "First Financial Daily" can be won from within that currently it is actively preparing for the resumption of work, but the exact time unknown. To resolve the problem, the company is to move some production Suqian.

Wait for return to work

There are three plants can be as Suzhou, Suzhou were available to be won and can benefit. After the turmoil in the cut-off is two.

Last week, the chairman may flood into the tree at the press conference admitted that I do not know when it can restore full factory operation, which requires examination by the government. You can then become the official said, before the completion of the early planning, invest $ 4 million increase in ozone, plasma and other gas switches, reducing environmental costs.

Wait for the start of the day, can win, can benefit employees who still receive paychecks, but not the overtime, they were not happy. Basic salary of 1,200 yuan, but such operators, and overtime gross monthly income to allow three or four thousand dollars. Many people have chosen to leave. Many former employees said the work stoppage factors, fatigue and overtime work environment is also reasons for resignation.

A stamping department employees that count overtime, they usually work 12 hours a day, in addition to half-way rest, most of the time had been standing. Moreover, he clearly work in contact with the irritating smell chemicals affect the health, physical-sensitive employees and even nosebleeds.

Can win an engineer, said the factory has started to prepare for the resumption of work, estimated to re-open soon. One employee said, in fact, was stopped after a week, and some departments have to work, such as surface treatment section. The stamping department has not yet begun, because this is not the same process with the handle section, a start "can hear."

Preparing to reopen many of the signs. Can benefit a lot of factory workers in moving raw materials, the door to new workers in Basra from time to time, they had just finished medical examination, first day of the report.

Ready to return to work at the same time, can become also the name of thinking. The two companies in different positions within a number of people said, after a work stoppage, can become a lot has been moved to Suzhou Suqian plant capacity, a large number of staff will adjust to. One employee said, Suqian plant will be larger than the Suzhou factory.

Aforementioned internal staff that can become a better policy to get in Suqian, I heard that the factory where workers are paid only for comprehensive insurance, and give all the Suzhou plant operator to pay social security.

Reporters try to win the official contact in order to verify the above information, without success.

Chain panic

Prior to all the way into promising.Goldman Sachs has predicted 62% of its growth this year.  And now the cut-off can be described as a blow. Flood tree frankly stated that in October total Company shipments will drop 20%, if it continues to close in November, shipments, or to fall 40%.

This led to several days into the stock price fell. In the apple industry chain with a public component, OEM enterprises suffer. Dali optical lens giant, jade crystal light, soft mill Ka Luen Yick, Chen Hung-touch panel makers such as company stock are dropped, and even lower limit.

In addition, Compal, Watertown, of gold, Tripod and other Taiwanese companies are also transferred Huafu included in the "rectification of suspected" list.Five companies in Taiwan Stock Exchange a few days ago a hurry to submit a statement, the mainland factory business is operating normally. For example, can become the news, Hon Hai shares up once, because the speculation that it could wrest from the can into the order. But with the whole industry chain with dark clouds, Hon Hai shares also fell, quickly announced that it is not anxious by environmental problem.

Because most of the apple industry chain enterprises in the mainland China production capacity, it can be anxiety will step into footsteps. In fact last year, the apple industry chain enterprises environmental issues frequently. CCTV has recently focused upon exposure of the apple vendors, such as the Meiko Electronics of Japan through the environmental assessment for failure, the second plant in Wuhan PCB has been suspended.

Latest news is that Tuesday, Taiwan media reported that the foundry business and Pegatron also been criticized because of environmental issues. The introduction of a new environmental reporting requirements and Pegatron take active measures to eliminate the mainland three parts factory pollution. Pegatron said the company is purchasing new equipment.

In August, the Beijing Environmental Research Center led the public release of Apple's supply chain pollution map, pointing out that the Apple 22 Chinese suppliers of environmental pollution problems.

Taiwan's economic authorities said the global environmental protection or labor protection requirements increasingly stringent, which is inevitable, companies must have the concept of green supply chain, to outstanding partners. But he stressed that we can as is the case, rather than through the case.

Apple's Matthew

Of course, one in which Apple is not forgotten "role." It's powerful control of the supply chain, suppliers will often bear the suffering, because everyone wanted to eat "apple pie."

Apple has long been standing in the world's top consumer electronics chain, from software to hardware, all the chain link, hold the fate of many companies in its hands.

OEM field, Hon Hai, Quanta performance last year are due to Apple's orders rose, not bite into Apple's Compal is in recession. Parts area, Taiwanese manufacturer TPK Touch module concept and listed by Apple.

Environmental standards will obviously increase the costs. Austrian high-end PCB manufacturers & S to address environmental problems, environmental protection equipment factory in Shanghai invested $ 300 million. But not all companies can afford, to eat apples, some manufacturers choose to sacrifice the environment.

 A parts business representatives told the newspaper, Apple did announce the supply chain through series of measures to control environmental problems, but do not in place. On the other hand, Apple production efficiency, yield and cost quotes extremely harsh, often forcing suppliers to take the risk.

Such as Suzhou, build "hexane event", industry sources said, Apple can not know. A vendor complained that some polluting enterprises can still get a steady stream of Apple's orders, invested heavily in environmental protection enterprises can not afford their offer in lost, not following the rules of the kill abide by the rules, bad money drives out the good money.

On the other hand, the cost of outside pressure, some of the strained state of the supply chain also makes Apple's difficult to strictly implement its provisions. Such as the iPhone touch module links only two major suppliers Wintek and TPK, and has been in short supply. Therefore, although it often broke environmental issues, but Apple apparently will not easily give up their cooperation.

On Tuesday, Acer founder Stan Shih also criticized a series of supply chain storm apple. He believes that Apple and expanding, gradually the "high-handed from the benevolent to" trend, emergence of sweatshops, oppression, supplier prices, etc., the balance of interests began to be destroyed.

He stressed that companies must take social responsibility, environmental protection is an important part of Apple to adjust to face the problem, otherwise it will be business empire among the key points of interest imbalance.

To solve this problem may require third parties.The idea that local government investment, regulatory and other sectors should be more concerned about. Apple's suppliers have told reporters in the PCB area, Chongqing has rejected a number of serious pollution problems of the enterprise; Apple also needs to assume its responsibilities. In the can into the incident, the news that Apple entered the presence of more than 200 engineers to help solve the problem. Can win an internal engineers confirmed the news to the newspaper, does have a large number of Apple engineers in-house production process of various aspects of research.